A saddle for full time Riding Comfort: roping & all round use. Includes: Contourd PROTECTOR PadRawhide Pencil Roll, Cantle, horn Lip + brading on fork swells, Border Tooling as photo, You can place your 50% deposit NOW & call me @ 816 806 4742 to Spec=out your Day’s Work and get it sized to fit you. This saddle is made on my Futurity Cutter Bars. They have the NO-PINCH TWIST and go from Horse to Horse. No strap BUMPS, Fenders & 3 Stirrup Loops fitted TO you & the Saddle USE.  I appreciate your confidence in my ability to build the best saddle for you & your horses that you’ve  ever owned. Regards, Len Brown

Keep it short and stay in the middle of your horse’s back. “The shorter the saddle the easier it is to saddle any horse.” – Len Brown


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